Two Tone - You Can Be

Monday 03,31,14

The wait is over , New Two Tone video is finnaly here , check it out !! Shot in Marrakech , Morocco .

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Two Tone feat Yung T - Talk About Me

Thursday 02,20,14

Check out the new video from Two Tone feat Yung T - Talk About Me

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Two Tone's Real Freestyle at Radio Plus

Thursday 12,05,13

A new fresh Two Tone real freestyle session at Radio Plus (Marocco).

Enjoy it!

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Two Tone feat Ramillion and Young Suspect - Suicide

Friday 11,29,13

New video clip: Two Tone feat Ramillion and Young Suspect : Suicide

Grap your copy at Itunes!

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Two Tone at HIT Radio Marocco

Friday 11,22,13

On the 16th November Two Tone gives a interview at the radioshop of MOMO (HIT Radio, Marocco). 
After this interview he gives a special freestyle session for his fans.

Watch the video and enjoy!

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  • Two Tone - You Can Be
    Monday 03,31,14
  • Two Tone feat Yung T - Talk About Me
    Thursday 02,20,14
  • Two Tone's Real Freestyle at Radio Plus
    Thursday 12,05,13
  • Two Tone feat Ramillion and Young Suspect - Suicide
    Friday 11,29,13
  • Two Tone at HIT Radio Marocco
    Friday 11,22,13


The evolution of Two Tone

The international hip hop phenomenon based in Dubai

What do you know about Dubai? You probably know about its amazing landscape, built with imagination and vision. You might have seen the technical wonders of its tall buildings, its eye-catching bridges and the appeal of its islands and resorts. And perhaps an image of great wealth comes to mind, of wonderful adventures in luxury cars and hotels, of a booming economy, of oil and private parties lavished with richness. But do you know there is hip hop in Dubai? Powerful and original hip hop, strongly rooted in the international music scene? Do you know there is an artist in Dubai, who was once a pioneer of street rap based in The Netherlands, who is connected to hip hop legends in the US, and is building a new network for himself right now in the Emirates?

Meet Two Tone. The name is based on the fact that he raps with both a low and a high voice; whatever he feels suits a beat best. Two Tone is a truly international hip hop phenomenon. His parental roots are Moroccan. He was born in The Netherlands. He has worked with some of the greats from The States. And is now more than ready to take on the world. As an MC, Two Tone made a name for himself alongside other international street rap pioneers, like Ice-T and Krayzie Bone from the world famous Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. He worked with producer and video director QF from Surinam and several Dutch hip hop artists and in the past five years Two Tone focused on building his own music label Selfmade Entertainment DXB in his new home base in the city of Dubai. The successful family and businessman now dedicates all his time on his upcoming musical projects.

First up is an album by the group Custom Made Music, spearheaded by Two Tone himself. Adding to his own versatility, Two Tone handpicked what he feels are the best rapper and producer on the come up right now: Young Suspect with his amazing flow and voice, and magical producer and singer 808 aka Raobeatz. For their first single and video, Hating On Me, Two Tone asked his old friend Krayzie Bone to join. Together they delivered a single with that old Bone Thugs-N-Harmony vibe; just one example of the versatile and diverse approach they bring to their music. Two Tone also likes to use typical Arab sounds and influences in his music, touching his own roots. In the nineties Two Tone was part of a group called 252 Maindrive when he was growing up in The Netherlands, a legendary underground street crew delivering some of the most raw and at the same time sophisticated street rap the country has ever seen. Two Tone had many run ups with the law when he was young and his experiences from the streets are still a big part of his musical legacy.

At the same time a more seasoned Two Tone managed to reinvent himself as a family and business man and to stay out of trouble and become successful in the corporate world. Two Tone also showcases this side of his amazing story, including his fascination and admiration for his new hometown of glitter and glamour in Dubai. See his videos studded with cars and beautiful buildings as a representation of this.

Yes, there is hip hop in Dubai.
And every time Two Tone posts anything on SoundCloud, Twitter or Facebook, it blows up. Because the Dubai hip hop and R&B scene is very much there but also in need of high quality representation, in style, music and imagery. And that is what Two Tone and his label bring to the table. With his strong connections to the international music world, Two Tone is ready to take on the music markets in the Middle East, the States and Europe and make a solid name out there for himself and his group. Two Tone is ready to share his rags to riches story with the entire world. A story about a young thugged out Moroccan growing up in the streets of The Netherlands who became a successful international businessman, rolling trough the shiny streets of Dubai in one of his luxurious cars. Don’t hate, celebrate.


Friday 25.04.14
Sidays Concert Settat
Friday 04.04.14
Sunday 12.01.14 Doors at 06.30pm
Friday 13.12.13 Doors at 11:00pm
Two Tone Live Act Amnésia Rabat
Thursday 12.12.13 Doors at 08:00pm
"Dima Jeune" Chaine Inter RTM Rabat
Thursday 12.12.13 Doors at 10:00 PM
Live Show Two Tone Maracana Rabat
Saturday 07.12.13 Doors at 07:00pm
Défilé de Mode Tangier Fashion Show 2013 Tangier -Morocco
Tuesday 26.11.2013
Mozaic with Montassir Medi1 Radio
Saturday 23.11.2013
Papagay Saturday Night Papagayo (Agadir)
Friday 22.11.2013
Sofitel Friday Night Sofitel Night (Agadir)
Thursday 21.11.2013
Radio Plus Interview “Special Guest” Radio Plus (Agadir)
Tuesday 19.11.2013
Meet & Greet with Fans Molen-Nador


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